12 week beginner marathon training guide way each weekend and you could even combine two or more exercises: walking and cycling or swimming and riding an You don’t have to cross-train the same . This Schedule assumes you have the ability to run 5km 3 or 4 times a week. Our beginner half marathon training schedule: This plan, developed by Runner's World experts, is for those who can do a long run of at least six miles, and want to tackle their first half marathon. You may have already completed half marathon (13.1 miles / 21km) races before, or possibly a 10km (6 miles) or 10 mile (16km) race, perhaps following the Bupa beginner and intermediate training programmes. For this training programme, distances in km have been rounded to the nearest whole number for simplicity. � U'w��S4-p? 30 mins easy Rest Rest Long run: 3 miles (5km) Congratulations! The Half-Marathon is a great race that challenges and celebrates you as a runner and athlete. The Novice 1 program is designed for beginning runners who want to prepare for their first 13.1-mile race. Half-Marathon Training Plan. For running: Run at a comfortable pace that allows you to complete the mileage listed, particularly for your long runs. Beginner Marathon Advanced Marathon Beginner Half Mararthon Advanced Half Marathon Couch Potato 10k For Personal Coaching or more options: Visit Hansons Coaching Services Note: It is OK to take walk breaks if/when necessary. Regardless, there are a few bits which will require a little explanation! endobj Terms Defined: Easy: Run a comfortable, conversational pace. Download you half marathon training program. dͶ9ƓP�h<9 The 12-Week Half-Marathon Training Plan. ���(BC�> Marathon Training Guide (Beginner – 12 weeks) This training guide will get you running a marathon in 12 weeks, one step at a time. %���� 4��kd���1����E�ʟ�E�W0T���:��Jڥ^]"[�\�VlX����[(����p��[f�@j���p�$s��4e����7�i�Z�Z5~�6�G���TC�Q:���P��82�a˗ZFX����KU/��p�P��p9�/+ ��'&,T(����(��K�iԩ$��n��VCR����^����h���q����Jp{:��UE��(�< �v�&�=��?���E��VwR=���5_^�$�ۺhQ-EZFc���XE��`���x1���U8z�b�,��a��Ofyvu5m��9��R��Ք�5R�!&� "O�=t�%�:0duyDW��vtŃIW8�+�U�4-"W2��f �"�LQ�g�t%J��}��j�11Ճ�X���Z~pt�� ua, �Je�+��zht��ԉ��M�`���P=o�r�݆�9�G�N� �cY�x���LX�AD`���@�0fW�D���(�Aɜ�x@z�� �ٝ�s�p�}1 �Ȭ�:{�{*�(P�����S��Ѻ��g"�%u�У(7� ���N�8��X�6ҼRw=L� ��A�=�;��[�/��Y�f��N���t{I�� ^��"y�>]�c�iO��I!dg�–-���ʡ�\g` W{b�^�����Q�;���ȥ�9�R��"4��P�1�#3��Ά2=)��O�h(���DH�(d�g(�D}K�lN}�gB���3�����F�2���9��֌���a��Ӫ1�m,Yp��v:Y�a��$/�G�fRy�䖽P2�ñF1�|���0��N�Vي i�j�0 �����2Y�a��7i1̎��%��B.��d–-���Va�-�WO~��*u�Kb�-wq��ivVt� N�P���c�ڬ>� ��tA$]���g?�ԹF!M�]G��0g�O�#�����I�c.�a���hލa‰�$� [N�Ƅ�1�X�aF����$�a�]�_���0�j��G���a��NaJ;1�^��+�dTxn� r�h�0R�a�jI��aTA�0�nq)�ƃ�(���œ#6tS�`�Do�!�K�������kd��f�6�-XVU�dz6��'�n�f�����!��ߨٔ�I�-?�Q��=j��ϳ!~�߇�;6���E0�yhu6g1o:�Xת�M��N.�~"�1����=�K�qd&� d%Ȝ�4׮�(��m4����"��.g��3b�ҽT��ra�V5�E(��C(�Y��`Ir3����B�H 51�����f1!Iɝ���9� �W���J�r����ߣ�݅����i��z(�8j�t������t��X����&o;drcF-T�%��������Z�=�^9�߷��^곺�lc�6Tp�^����e�b�S6c��^��{��X���I��ҙ�~|��Y��樕�O�8�ȬvJ�`��� �Y��L�z2�3��t����i?��TϭOh�A���% �Q�{?�~1+�Q�-$��;k�a����#I��>���$�U�jlW#.��:��u[�\e��5 3 0 obj Congratulations! It may be your first step towards the full marathon. <>>> Use this alongside our half marathon training webpage: bupa.co.uk/half-marathon-plan. If this sounds to difficult you may want to consider the Dunedin Marathon 10km run or perhaps one of the walking options. This is a six-month training plan--26 weeks! This beginner's training plan focuses on everything you need to get started, sensible precautions to take and it also contains a week-by-week structured plan that will convert you from complete beginner to a fitter, healthier, successful marathon runner. About the Novice 1 Program. This plan was based upon a 20-week training schedule. %�J�h�R)b9_�'sH%T���r����Vz W��,��n�FvC��n�i*��o���mYI`N����e ��������e�Ew���̟����ۺ�=>7|ŶLk;pD�P5R$@c[��`u�՝EK���� I9xi�7]�n �K���^���o��q�{�p8����:��d�/O% ���Ӎ k#.��*�a�AO(���Q���� ��Ib}d�~h��է%6h0>&s��%r�K#�@̍��/6�/O�@i?�pcH aLtX��B[U!�Ԟ �0Du 6Q�ʳ�!������!�J�mK ��n�ۧ�7�}���i�T�#�n�ֺ��~ϣ��B�c�d�s7����8Y���Ֆ�$E�0$�!Y�/|�*;4|�;'r_vv�RC��@�hPĨa4�P��N�l�j԰���m���5����ijr�*Nz�ET0�hZ�"0�kRcOnIFL"��2J��*r���XR���I�]Y�$O8�Sr��̓�l�?,ڻVb ���5��AeP�R��3�2ʸR�Rl��=��m�ꂋ���t��#�#�7R���RR7%�:dW�۞���v�m� Keep these beginner half marathon training tips in mind if you’re training for your first half marathon. If you have run several half or full marathons before, you might want to take a look at the Novice 2 half marathon program, which is designed for more experienced runner.First-timer? [1] coolrunning – Beginner Half Marathon Program [2] Popsugar – 16-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners. It may be your end goal. [1] coolrunning – Beginner Marathon Program. Find a more suitable training programme: beginner, 5km, 10km or 21km. <> You can also check out some of my other training plans, like the 6 month marathon training plan or 20 week marathon training schedule – because both of these start father out from race day, you can start from a lesser fitness level. If you are currently capable of walking 30 minutes, four days per week, and your doctor okays it, then you can certainly follow this plan to run your first half-marathon as soon as six months from now. 12 Steps to a 16 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners Now in the double digits for half marathons completed, I have to say that this running distance is by far my favorite. Written by Medibank. x�����������g|�V?�/�0p~(���/q� �>���j��l�3�����(v7�XE�hD��Ūb���_�Q��/��_���?_T�|S|��wŷo�?{��.�x��������b�ʪQ�P�e7o>j�?�m(��ϟUŝ�����gō���]����x�ϟ��5�^e]���*�_�7d��l�u�_v?����?�jw��Q�����nW���i�_wZT��H�o����|A��eS�}+��w��:ض�l�HDH3����. 3 Introduction The Half Marathon The half marathon is not to be taken lightly and is both a serious test of your fitness and your commitment to training. This plan is suitable for Beginner or time-limited athletes preparing for an IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon. Hal Higdon: Half Marathon Novice 1 (kilometers) Train with TrainingPeaks. The best cross-training exercises are swimming, cycling or walking. Download half marathon training program here. HALF MARATHON BEGINNERS TRAINING SCHEDULE INTRODUCTION Before training for a Half Marathon you need to possess a basic fitness level. ������n��5�SK� �C{j\�����1 ������k=������_P,p�&��X��&�A"�&W��p��:�� �>=�V T��'��X���K�$��t�J���6 You should be able to run the following schedule for at least 4 to 5 weeks with little trouble before starting the 20 week marathon plan. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> "�ɝ�����e~��y�r �c�ށ�D �D*�/��p�l���$�"�-�9����������/�;n��}�W!e�?&��*���r���F� � ���"a�;�9Ɣ�@O�5�P�@����/g-���"ʽ��g;���D���KG(,0/tx^����p����#�4} �Ӂ[�CK��3�����8O?�e��97�7P�^�Q��q�£���a ` And you’ll work on developing your speed by taking on a wide variety of fun Speed Runs. It is doubled to a 40-week training plan. stream 4 0 obj Allowing the proper recovery is an essential part of this half marathon training plan. stream endobj }{�;�ޙ������Pvݝ��+�U�ԫ٤E?��S9J� �"���*��wh����#�G�Q�r|(^?�A�=>ܛ�:R�2�e߇�X�Z���t��(�Z��N�W?=\���;������N�~�`zh�T�j�f~w���f����]q�p4Q9�G=ַ���a$���&hu�^����'�����o��80�`|�Ζо�v�ŭ���~t�. HALF MARATHON TRAINING SCHEDULE - BEGINNER WWW.GARMIN.CO.UK 2 W/C MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Week 5 Cross-Training, 45mins or Pilates Easy Pace Run, 40mins Rest Threshold: warm-up, 10mins + 6 x 2mins with 60 second recovery jog between efforts + cool-down, 10mins Rest Pilates or Cross-Training, 40mins Long … With just 12 weeks to go until event-day, this plan assumes you are currently able to swim 1400 m/yards with rests, ride for 2 hrs and run for 60 mins – but not all on the same day. x�]ےܶ}��`�f]�����Ȏ�$vliS�T��z�ȑ�x%[�_�rh�ArvUE�Zr8 ����F���������}YuE�4e��Re/���������7��yS���������5��Z4�ӭ�w=/}y{ws���?={y�{����TMQῬh`��K!�Vv���ͫ��g�D��kt[���*�aG���'�/��}�����/_߽xu����Ma��J�M/tRUm[�UW6Jth�����~w�������PmY�_���ꮸ�x���M�ϋ�ǟo���8����8��8��/�U�{8>�*���[�������⫫������ �c�9M�����[!��`y#-o~,jQZ>�h�D)�NU� �Q�[�\������N*�Y�mU����t������8ڲ�.��WZXI�8����K���:v�{�ݪ�[�� ��B� ɉ��%9���l���t[+�h���?�lprT��'P4h܇��I�/����*���b[{˗�$�������z��D�>>#��e�]�§�j��C{蟡������(�Uq��51f�vk��X��32�Z^���!��)�C��N�R��p�a���XE��0�'ѐa�b�t��3�F�$TAf��/ ~e���/D� �]}��o-+>���;c�]pw���������H��� Follow this beginner 10K training schedule to progress from a 5K to a 10k in six weeks. - If you’re feeling OK, you may wish to consider a 20–30 minute recovery run in the morning before any of the quality ������p�K-G� u"�73���eU?�'m8k�H{���өTB�C�:� The effort levels described here correspond to the ‘Activity’ column. This training plan is suitable for Beginner or time-limited runners, aiming for a first Half Marathon. You’ve set yourself the challenge of your first marathon. Cross-training: Sundays in the training guide are for cross-training. %PDF-1.5 The Half-Marathon is a great race that challenges and celebrates you as a runner and athlete. One mile is equivalent to 1.6km. %��������� Whatever the reason, running a half marathon is a great thing to do; provided you follow the right plan to get you there. They designate Monday as a rest day; I have added strength training in this plan on Mondays. Block out 12 weeks on your calendar, and learn how to train for a half marathon with this plan for beginners. P A C E The 20-Week Marathon Training Plan. Not quite there yet? Runners love it as it is ideal for those who need a little more time when training for a marathon. Remember, everyone is an individual and your base level of fitness may vary. TRAINING PLANS 12-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule This 12-week plan will get new runners and first-time half marathoners ready for 13.1 miles on race day with flexible days of running, rest, and cross-training per week. Half-Marathon Training Plan. Ten top tips for getting started. Beginners Half Marathon #2 (14 weeks, 17–26 miles per week) Break 1:30 Half Marathon (10 weeks, 29–42 miles per week) a7$K=�8�%�u��ץ��w�j�m9� �����H,�,��+�����V.Y��n/���Ͽ����@'O�)��;J�1g�-k��o� And you'll work on developing your speed by taking on a wide variety of fun Speed Runs. Check out below for the full beginner marathon training plan. Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners 16-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners. Covering 21 kilometres under your own steam is a tremendous achievement and from beginning your How to Use This Plan 4 I’ve tried to keep this training plan as concise and easy to use as possible. Note: Ride or run the designated duration at a steady, comfortable pace Ride, run or swim the desingnated duration at a steady, moderate pace 4 0 obj ���;ꏹe��h8����D�d-�qrc8x�4s�$b-�[ ��������;,YS)�gjXӰe��s�Zl����>�8����c#���t$��à'&.�Y�`@�W��z� ���� ����{`����ՠ��;U(p��(@��u]SH������s?���RW���&�� �3RS0���e��t�&͝� '���6eOn�e�N���Y]�ĝܦF8�tR$��6u�+�� EC�CxY#�E,�;~jY"�?G�RW=a������650s�a May 12, 2018 by Jenny Sugar. - Important note: please do a 15-minute warm-up and cool-down before threshold, continuous hills or interval sessions. For this training programme, distances in km have been rounded to the nearest whole number for simplicity. I can do this. A half marathon training schedule includes four primary elements: your base mileage, long run, speed work, and recovery.You’ll build up your base mileage by running 3-5 times a week, and every 7-10 days or so, add a long run to your half marathon training so that your body can gradually adjust to going the extra distance. This 32 Week Beginner Marathon Training Schedule is one of THE most popular training plans on this site! Tips about half marathon training for beginners: Pace: The 20 week half marathon training schedule can be used for running or walking. The 12-week half-marathon training guide. Half Marathon Training Plans . 20. 487K Shares And that is saying a lot, because barely a decade ago I could not run a mile. You'll work on becoming stronger by building endurance with Long Runs and Recovery Runs. My goal for this plan is to take a true beginner (non-runner) and prepare them to run a half-marathon. Rest: No running or activity. This beginner half-marathon training schedule will take you from running 3-4 miles a few times a week to crushing a half marathon. ����U�g�����v��ynO�W���u����e����Z3��q]#�A9��� ՚� ��(��Tu� &��#�*����@e��J�@������� <> 2 0 obj You’ve set yourself the challenge of your first half marathon. I included a PDF printable download at the end of the post so that you can print out the half marathon training plan and fill in your actual mileage each week. &w�z�R��4�;��T�U+����6|S� _lS�����hSրb$*�m endobj One mile is equivalent to 1.6 km. This training program will build on your running endurance, speed and strength and get you ready to race in 12 weeks. The following page is an “at a glance” view of how the programme develops from week-to-week, as your fitness improves, and half marathon day gets closer. %PDF-1.3 You should be able to run the following schedule for at least 4 to 5 weeks with little trouble before starting the 12 week half marathon plan. Half Marathon Beginner Training Plan 14 Race week preparation 19 Conclusion 20 Well done! 30 May 2016 • 3 min read. ��0�{�(�G�W�H��OZL�Y�D}�[�����f�E�p�zL��r`��.g���,��YzcƑeɻl�(�Q�q.�c6g1�X=�GQN|ώ��0T.