In the midst of it, they find out the real reason Kimiko ran off. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Raimundo watched as Clay effortlessly swung the now normal sized Jack Spicer over his shoulder, as though the teen weighed nothing. master fung metal prints. Jack Spicer is one of Kimiko's best friends and one of his only friends. ^^ stay away from the poetry, it's old and depressing xp, haha, which ships? • Blue Eco are tablets, which work similarly to Ecstasy. Why not drugs too? Master Fung said after a long pause. He wore a white shirt under a short-sleeve blue shirt that he wore open, revealing a medallion around his neck in between the shirt. Over his white shirt he had 3 curly chest hairs near his neck. Find your thing. So here are the different Eco Drugs and what they do: Kimiko is the only female in the group and as a result, she was constantl… Sell custom creations to people who love your style. The Dragon of Metal: Chapter 4 Plans to be Met, The Trap is Set "This is stupid." chase young metal prints. monkey metal prints. … Appropriately, the warlord was in his bedroom, lying still beneath several thick, warm blankets though he was not yet sleeping. Jack Spicer meets a 17 year old girl after getting his butt kicked by those Xiaolin Dragon dorks...again. He was too preoccupied for sleep, his eyes locked on the dozing creature that was his bedmate. The season for Metal is listed as Autumn, which would justify the Copper Leaf Shen Gong Wu that was used to lead the boy Monks to Jack in “Mark of the Dragon Spirit” The final thing I’ll leave with, as Jack and Shadow are neck and neck here, is that Jack has “a very ticklish spleen.” The spleen is listed as the Yin organ to Earth. Default: 鯨 (Whale) Golden Finger: This Wu will cause a nearby enemy to be frozen in time. There was no sound, only silence, and after a good deal of it, it was becoming unnerving. Part 1 of The Heylin Dragon of Metal; Language: English Words: 1,134 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 3 Kudos: 30 Hits: 369 The world looks like it’s in fast forward, and all your actions are much quicker. Omi, Clay and Kimiko now follow the lead of Raimundo as the Shoku warrior, to fight a new threat from the year 415 (that year Wuya was imprisoned), who sank Atlantis during the Sicilian Expedition in the Pelopnesian War, and he found that wind was not an element, but thunder, light, dark, and metal are. Ver más ideas sobre duelo xiaolin, gafas steampunk, interior de nave espacial. Jack Spicer is generally depicted as an intelligent, ambitious, and resourceful individual whose shortcomings ultimately lead to his downfall. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? ; Ascended Fanboy: Ping Pong joins the monks as their new apprentice on accounts of being a huge fan of them.Though unlike in Chronicles, … Spicer looked positively angelic in sleep he noted, his golden eyes adept at seeing even in darkness. If you want to RP/Ask … Kimiko, Xiaolin Dragon of Fire, strikes her signature pose. Master Fung was a bald man with a mustache and a goatee, that had long thick eyebrows. 龍 (Dragon) Ants in the Pants: This Wu releases swarms of distracting ants. / Let’s go Xiaolin Showdown! Kimiko blasts Jack’s evil robot army into smithereens. Jack's Lab (Boss) 蚁 (Ant) Orb of Tornami: This Wu sends out a powerful blast of water. Or the computer was lying because it didn’t want to go through yet another maintenance sweep. “Extra Ore Dinary: Had they kept in the original concept of him staying good permanently, he would have become the Dragon of Metal.”. The Dragon and the 'Blind' girl. So, I am 100% behind the idea of Jack being the fifth Xiaolin Dragon (element being metal). Everyone seems to think high school was the time of our lives, but when unexpected hearts find love, and things will never be the same. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Effortlessly, he dodged the attacks of the Jackbots and meandered through support beams. Wow. He’s far from a master, and doesn’t have the stamina to hurl around chunks of metal … But the universe has its ways of maintaining the balance of good and evil. Jack trains himself and keeps his fledgling metal manipulation ability under lock and key. All of a sudden, he felt a presence beside him, and as arms curled around his body, he tensed, swiftly turning his head to identify the being. Wu Xing Shield provides examples of:. Jack Spicer; Summary. I'm glad I'm reading it! Ping Pong raced forward, in hot pursuit of the evil boy genius Jack Spicer. Jack Spicer, Xiaolin Dragon of Metal in training, has lived at the Xiaolin temple since he was six years old. shadow metal prints. Parenting.... take 568 February 5, 2016 ZeAwesomeSerinah So, I looked up the Chinese character for metal that that’s the one I got (I know in Japanese it’s used for gold/money/precious metal), but let me know if … While Jack Spicer of Xiaolin Showdown is considered an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, you'll notice that he's surprisingly fast and flexible, and can accomplish things like air somersaults even without the Mantis Flip Coin. Female teratophile who loves art of the cute and atrocious! He lives in his parents basement, where he has a secret lab. Honestly, I would rather see him as a Xiaolin Dragon of metal instead of a Heylin Dragon. Time to see how factual his speculations may be. The new Shen Gong Wu, the Haldo Hammer, was located at a huge construction site. Jack's Lab (Boss) 龍 (Dragon) JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!! “Extra Ore Dinary : Had they kept in the original concept of him staying good permanently, he would have become the Dragon of Metal… Dragons of energy and metal by Dimitron75 412 12 2 This is my first xiaolin showdown story made as it will have two additional dragon warriors the dragons of energy and metal. Jack Spicer, Xiaolin Dragon of Metal in training, has lived at the Xiaolin temple since he was six years old. The Third-Arm Sash was found in Paris, France, already in the possession of Jack Spicer. Action Prologue: The story begins with a fight sequence between the Monks and Jack Spicer. In a welcome change from other nights, the youth had fallen right asleep upon getting comfortable and was not so much as drooling on the pillow or snoring, habits that were normally somewhat endearing but made the goth exponentially mo, "Jack Spicer, evil boy--AHHH! Of all the Heylin monks, he is the most like his Xiaolin counterpart, except for being evil and not using much of Texas metaphors (probably because he's not from Texas). Heylin Jack Spicer: Jack-Bots, attack the Power Rangers! Xiaolin Showdown Kimiko is the daughter of a wealthy Japanese video game tycoon named Toshiro Tohomiko, thus makes Kimiko a wealthy girl. Gong Yi Tan Pai! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Almost immediately, however, he relaxed into the embrace at the sight of his young lover clinging to him affectionat, It was late in the Land of Nowhere and consequentially in the citadel of Chase Young. xiaolin dragon metal prints. Jack Spicer, the Dragon of METAL?! I love seals and wendigos! Ask Jack Spicer. Tell the community what’s on your mind. clay metal prints. Kimiko is the firecracker Tokyo-pop fashionista warrior from the Xiaolin universe. Wuya used it as Mala Mala Jong's right arm. She favored fashions and gadgets the most, and is updated when it comes to the latest trends and gizmos. His surroundings were pitch black, so much so that even his keen eyesight could make out nothing but darkness, and looking to the floor, he could not even spot an actual floor, leaving him to wonder just what it was he was standing on. I KNEW HE WAS SPECIAL DAMMIT!!!!! | Theme. What a waste. Easy to OD on if you’re not careful. "We believe, the Dragon of Metal is Jack Spicer." Strange, as you think that right would belong to Christy Hui, to true.... still i guess i can overlook it... but i'm just a really nit picky person when it comes to details about things that i enjoy that it will be a bit hard to do, I can relate :/ like in the new episode, Jack has his Monkey Spear, but he LOST it to Ping Pong in the previous episode, which was THEN taken by Chase. • Yellow Eco are joints/blunts, and work the s, Weird things were happening everywhere and Zim didn’t like it. After a fight with Katnappe, Dojo and Raimundo realize who the true Dragon of Metal is. Not at all. dojo metal prints. He scowled heavily at … And much like the Eco itself, it gives you a major energy boost. The Dragon of Metal Chapter 1: Girly Screams and Haunted Beams "So long, Xiaolin losers!" They’re elements, that can be channeled and absorbed, used as bullets and different components for altering your car. Suddenly, Jack-Bots used his Gigantification potion and made him grow gigantic. Soon, Raiden and his friends used their Zords to begin their battle. Eventually. "Well, observe it this way, Raimundo." Hãy xem spicer jack (jackspicer146) đã khám phá được gì trên Pinterest, bộ sÆ°u tập lớn ý tưởng nhất thế giới. Xiaolin Showdown is a video game based on the TV series of same name. In each stage you basically face Jack-Bots (which vary and has support from a stronger type of enemy), collect three scroll pieces, and get the Shen Gong Wu to start a … He specializes in … (Btw this makes perfect sense if Jack is the dragon of metal) While Omi tried to help Jack out and took care of him even when his team mates opposed this. You Have Flaws, Therefore You Are Perfect, © You Have Flaws, Therefore You Are Perfect 2015–2021 raimundo metal prints. The Dragon Force Symbol appears. kimiko metal prints. Several times Jack has gone out of his way to exemplify the clichés of being a villain, such as having his own ‘evil laugh’ in "The Sands of Tim… I'll have to check out your other stuff once I catch up. The graphics are good, but unfortunately, the gameplay isn't. The Dragon Force Rangers' first Zord Battle/The Dragon Force Megazord rises up. / SPECIAL NOTE: / Thanks … • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Jack always called out Omi on his bs or too much ego and he also managed to trick him despite Omi’s tiger instinct which seemed unbeatable before him. It is often used with Clay's Earth element. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. 02-may-2019 - Evil Boy Genius. He is extremely strong and very durable, he can take any amount of damage and strike back even harder. omi metal prints. Hopefully a Xiaolin Chronicles game will be better. Theirs was ALWAYS running perfectly. jack spicer metal prints. Steven Baxter: Steel of the Metal Dragon, Dragon Force, Black! Now Master Fung has added new students to the group as the new dragon … After all, Jack Spicer’s never been one to accept someone else’s plans for him, and that includes Destiny. The robotic voice insisted that it was not ITS fault, but Zim knew better than to question his Tallests’ side of the communication network. They quickly fall in love with each other, and she starts helping him collect the Shen Gong Wu. Although skilled in making robots he often resorted to sobbing in public and screaming in terror. With Omi as his best friend and Master Monk Chase as his favorite teacher, he strives to be the coolest, most amazing robot-wielding warrior in the world. IT'S POSSESSED!". Kimiko is gifted in martial arts and competed in becoming a Xiaolin Warrior. Fist of Tebigong [edit | edit source] The Fist of Tebigong is a metal gauntlet that is strong enough to crack the earth. Language: English Words: 6,052 Chapters: 5/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 14 Bookmarks: 4 He shown to quite adaptable when lacking sufficient resources: in "Chameleon" while the monks are distracted, he manages to steal most of their Shen Gong Wu with just the Changing Chopsticks. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. ; Apologises a Lot: Ping Pong has a tendency to apologize for every little thing he thinks he did wrong. A lot has happened since Guan was last at the temple, the young dragons were almost killed by the Heylin King, they’d been saved y their young enemy Jack Spicer…who had been revealed to be the dragon of metal…who had now joined them on. But the universe has its ways of maintaining the balance of good and evil. With Omi as his best friend and Master Monk Chase as his favorite teacher, he strives to be the coolest, most amazing robot-wielding warrior in the world. Series. The first of a series of oneshots for a Dragon of Metal!Jack Spicer au I've had on my mind. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This is turning out to be my favorite XS/XC fan fic by far. STEELE - The evil duplicate of Clay and the Heylin Dragon of Metal. October 6, 2013 Raven Black . Thank you ^^ it's my first time writing XS/XC. First, his computer began malfunctioning. ping pong metal prints. So, the Dragon Force Rangers begin their battle long with First and Second Squad. We first see him in "Journey of a Thousand Miles" when he met Wuya and found out about Shen Gong Wu, and stated he wanted to rule the world from second grade. Heylin Jack Spicer's Gigantification potion/Reassemble and grow the evil bot. Kimiko had made him realize that he could do anything if he just belives in himself. Really? monks metal prints. Jack is constantly building robots, the most known being the Jack-Bot. Any shipping is good shipping, Minor Jaydi/Jack (don't hate me D: ) Renai/Clay,hinting at Rai/Kim, and I need to ask the people who's OCs  using if they want there OC to having minor shipping with anyone, Thank you ^^ and yeah, worried how they'll handle things :/, like how they changed the names on the Wu, In their defense, it's because Warner Bros owns the copyright to the names. Power Rangers Dragon Force! Jack Spicer, the only child of Caroline and Jonathan Spicer, was not happy to have been dropped off without any of his belongings. They must have been very serious about wanting to call Zim first, going all the way to block him. SHOKU MARS FIRE! Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. But his parents had threatened him with cutting off any future allowances before he was 18, so he stayed. Chase watches Jack work, and notices something curious. wuya metal prints. The Dragon of Metal - Jack, Dojo and Raimundo's journey to Tokyo to bring Kimiko home is put on hold when Katnappe confronts Jack about unleashing the Heylin Seed. He is a self-proclaimed Evil Boy Genius and one of the main antagonists. Through a conversation with my friend Thedarkrose17 ( (buddy~), we had it in our minds that the Ecos can also be processed into drugs. Altogether: Worth greatest hour, use dragon power! A week after his first failed attempt at contacting his Tallests, Dib wen, Chase Young was not entirely sure where he was at the moment. Either way, Zim planned to get to the bottom of it. Ask Jack Spicer This blog is a Jack Spicer RP Blog and a Xiaolin Showdown Screenshot/Gif Blog. Browse through and read jack spicer fanfiction stories and books. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. He loves pudding, heavy metal, jet planes, and punk ... Add to library 66 Discussion 17. robots metal prints.